Daddy, I Saw the Mayor Do Something

DEARBORN, Michigan –  (Front Page Front Porch Opinion)

Open Letter to Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly:

Dear Mayor O’Reilly:

I think it was last spring, around this time of year, my daughter told me she saw you do something. She was riding her bike at Summer Stephens Park – early in the morning around sunrise. She saw you walking around the park. Then she saw you do something and she may have been the only witness — while no one else was around.

My daughter saw you walking around the park picking  up trash, before most people even got out of bed.  Some people don’t know you care so deeply about Dearborn — but we know. We have evidence. We know you love Dearborn. You love Dearborn more then some people will ever be able to understand. Thank-you for being the mayor of my hometown, and my good neighbor. Thank-you for always trying to do the right thing, even when no one is watching … even when the bright light is not on, and the TV cameras are not rolling.

I’m glad we’re neighbors and I want you to know I’m praying for you. I was sad the other day when people said bad things about you and Dearborn on television.  Some of the criticism might be true — about the 1st amendment violations.  I have Muslim and Christian friends who are upset about it.  I’m not a legal scholar, and don’t pretend to be. The courts will decide.  Our family is still praying for you.

Later this morning, you will probably drive by my street on your way to church. Or maybe you already went to the Easter sunrise service while I was typing this letter.  This morning the pastor will say something about how Jesus died (video), and that He rose again.  That gives me hope.

Not everyone goes to the same church or believes the same way.  Sometimes we have disagreements about politics or religion. That’s OK. This is America – the land of the free.

Tell Chief Haddad, I think he’s doing a good job — most of the time.  We feel secure living in Dearborn — knowing that if we ever need to call 911, two officers will arrive within minutes.  Thankfully,  Dearborn is not suffering through troubles like Detroit where police are called but they don’t show up for hours.

(To be fair, Detroit is working hard on improving it’s response time. The Motor City is praying for healing and knows where peace and liberty come from.  It’s carved in stone to remind us.  May we never forget and become like Beijing where Christians were rounded up on Easter morning.)

We need each other.  You’re the Mayor of Dearborn, and I’m the editor of the Dearborn Free Press. Together, we’re showing the world how free speech and freedom of the press works in America.

With love and prayers –  your friend as always,

Douglas Vos,  Editor and Publisher –  Dearborn Free Press

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  1. Kendall Scott says

    Beautifully said, Doug! This is a good reminder in the midst of controversy that “people are people too,” not just characters in the political and social dramas of life.

  2. says

    Dough. My wife does the same, when taking a walk, she brings an empty bag with her, picking up garbage from other peoples yards and streets. That is a sign of love for our city…

  3. rick says

    with the trouble dearborn and the mayor have been getting into lately especially now with free speech violations im not suprised this story comes up trying to gin up a positive picture of the mayor,
    too bad trash picking is not the same as supressing free speech.

    The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced that the City of Dearborn, Mayor John B. O’Reilly, Chief of Police Ronald Haddad, 17 City police officers, and two executives of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce were named as defendants in a ninety-six page federal civil rights lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court in Detroit on 22-Feb-2011.