Colette Richards Announces Bid for Dearborn City Council

DEARBORN, Michigan –  It is no surprise to friends, neighbors and colleagues of Colette Richards that she was the first to request petitions to run for Dearborn City Council in this year’s city elections. An active community volunteer, special education advocate and political activist, Richards does not shy away from making commitments to projects and organizations she believes in or from taking on leadership roles.

Colette Richards

Colette Richards

Richards said she is passionate about Dearborn and about building community, which sparked her desire to run for City Council. All council seats are up for election this year, with the top 14 candidates in the August 6 primary election competing for the seven council seats on November 5, 2013.

“The decisions we make today will impact Dearborn’s future,” said Richards. “Being so centrally located makes us a prime area to bring in new residents and new businesses. I’ve learned from my leadership roles that you have to listen to people. I want to make sure we keep those services and amenities that make us great and bring in new opportunities that will only make Dearborn a better place to live, work and do business.”

Richards, a 15-year resident of Dearborn and a media secretary with Dearborn Public Schools, holds leadership positions with several volunteer organizations. She serves as vice chair of the Wayne County Parent Advisory Committee; team captain and accounting chair with the planning committee for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Dearborn; schools subcommittee chair of the Dearborn City Beautiful Commission; and on the board of directors for the Rotary Club of Dearborn.

Her past roles include being president of the Dearborn Special Education PTA; president of the Dearborn PTA Council; a board member for the Michigan PTA; event chair of the Relay for Life of Dearborn; and president of the Crowley Park Neighborhood Association.

In 2009, Richards was active in George Darany’s campaign for City Council and, in 2010, his successful bid to become Dearborn’s state representative. She was also campaign manager for Roxanne McDonald’s election to the Dearborn Board of Education.

“Colette’s enthusiasm and fresh ideas are just what the city needs,” said State Representative George Darany, “Her strong work ethic assures confidence that she will be an excellent Council member.”

Richards is married to Scott Starks, a lifelong resident of Dearborn and graduate of Edsel Ford High School. Each has a son from a previous marriage.

For more information or to contact Richards, visit,  visit ColetteRichardsforDearborn on Facebook or email


  1. Sanae Abbas says

    We need someone who understands our needs and cares for the town and people in it. Someone who is passionate, hard working and finishes with good outcome what they start.
    Colette Richards is it.

  2. Linda Bazzi says

    Our community needs a person with the dedication, spirit, compassion and drive that Colette Richards can bring to this position. Knowing Colette personally, I can say there is no one better for the job.